Schnitzel feast


Our aperitif recommendation

  • Cosmopolitan
    € 5.80
    Crunberry, vodka, contreau, lime juice

Our TOP offer

Every Wednesday and Thursday
Schnitzel SATT
with hunter sauce, onion sauce and gypsy sauce with French fries

€ 13.90 per Person

Our seasonal dishes

  • Lower Saxony wedding soup
    € 5.20
    with dumplings, pasta, egg sticks and asparagus
  • Small mixed salad
    € 3.90
    with fresh seasonal salads
  • Bouquet from Lamb’s lettuce
    € 15.90
    with vinaigrette and bacon cubes, scampi in herb butter, with freshly baked baguett
  • Hamburger from deer
    € 18.80
    in a roll with tomato, cucumber, delicious sauce and French fries
  • Deer leg "Baden-Baden"
    € 20..80
    with apple red cabbage, potato croquettes and a filled pear
  • Wild boar
    € 20.80
    in wild mushroom cream sauce, with filled cranberry pear, apple red cabbage and potato croquettes

Waidmanns Dinner

Lush venison plate with different meats
from deer, wild board and schnucke,
with wild mushrooms, red cabbage and brussels sprouts, cranberry pear, croquettes and potato dumplings

For 2 Persons…………..€ 49.00
For 4 Persons…………..€ 89.00