Steak & Salads


  • T-Bone-Steak
    € 38.00
    ca. 500 g with grilled tomato and herb butter, baked potato with herb quark
  • Rib-Eye-Steak
    € 27.80
    ca. 250 g, fed for 120 days with grain, served with herb butter and baked potato
  • Rumpsteak mediterran
    € 21.90
    baked with tomato and mozzarella, served with fine tomato spaghetti
  • Rumpsteak Tiroler Art
    € 19.80
    with pepper sauce and plenty of roasted onions and French fries


  • Früchteliesel
    € 18.80
    Crisp salads, cucumber, tomato and delicious fresh fruit, oven-warm baguette, yoghurt and honey-mustard dressing
  • Wild herbs salad
    € 14.80
    with warm goat’s cheese and honey, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, with oven-fresh baguette
  • Farmers salad
    € 15.80
    with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, tuna and sheep’s cheese, with oven-fresh baguette

Our wine recommendation

  • 2015er Shiraz
    € 6.50
    Winery Zonnenbloem, South Africa, strong dark berries and woody spices
    Glass 0,2 l