Duck - all you can eat

Are you totally crazy about venison?

Regional specialties of poultry and venison

  • Cointreau Fizz
    5,80 €
    Cointreau on icewith a dash of lime and sparkling mineral water
  • Pumpkin cream soup
    5,20 €
    with croutons

Our Special Offer
every Wednesday and Thursday
– Dug all you can eat –

Half duck crispy from the oven
with red cabbage and potato dumplings
and a filled baked apple
only 19,90 € per person

  • Haunch of Heidschnucke
    21,90 €
    with bacon sprouts and croquettes, a filled pear
  • Haunch of wild boar
    20,80 €
    served with wild mushroom creamsauce, red cabbage and croquettes
  • Hamburger from deer
    18,80 €
    in bun with tomato, cucumber, delicious sauce and french fries
Huntsmans Dinner for 4
A platter of game with different types of meat,
wild mushrooms, red cabbage and sprouts, a filles pear, croquettes and dumplings
only 89,00 € for 4 persons

for 2 persons 49,00 €

You have a sweet tooth?

  • Warm apfelstrudel
    4,80 €
    with vanilla ice and cream

Our wine suggestion

  • Cono Sur
    5,20 €
    Chile, Tocornal, Merlot – Valle Central
    Glass 0,2 l
  • 18,00 €
    Bottle 0,75 l