New Year's Eve

Exclusive New Year’s Eve menus

Our lucky pig

A small greeting from the kitchen
Topinamburpuree with quail egg and trout caviar

Gear 1
Prickly pear on Parma ham with melted iseberg lettuce

Gear 2

The main course optionally
Menu 1

Surf & Turf
A hearty rump steak, medium fried, with balsamico onions, a shrimp skewer, potato gratin
47,00 €

Menu 2

Salmon steak under herb crust, salad and rice
39,00 €

Menu 3

Barded pork tenderloin medaillons in coconut sauce, lentils and polenta
39,00 €

Menu 4

Venison medaillons in plum sauce with three roots – salsify, carrot, parsley – fried bread dumplings
47,00 €

Menu 5

Chicken breast fillet in sage sauce, swede butternut squash mus and green noodles
37,00 €

The sweet conclution
Dessertvariation with semolina dumplings ice ream confect and filled puff pastry